Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hike #1~Above Ogden Canyon Waterfall

This is a picture of the Ogden Canyon waterfall from the road below. On our 7/6/12 hike, we went on a trail that Erick's dad thought we would enjoy. It actually takes you right above the waterfall which was super cool! There are videos after the pics. Enjoy!

In this picture the top of the waterfall is right above our heads. It was breathtaking!

                                                                         Here is our family with the Canyon in the background.


                      Steve, Aven, and Zander on the trail.


                   Part of the trail along the waterline.

                                                              Jack rabbit along the trail.

A special thanks to Steve for being our fearless leader and giving us info about the Ogden Canyon trails that he has experienced! We had so much fun!

                                 Directions to the waterfall after hitting the Bonneville Shoreline trail.                                                                              
                                                 Family commentary of the beautiful views! :)

                          Footage of where the fire burned at mouth of the canyon earlier this week.

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