Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nails and.........catfish?

Okay so...Aven and I aren't girly girls. At all. But we went out on a limb and decided to paint our nails for girl's night. We had so much fun together! I love spending time with my A.

We painted her fingernails with Flirt Alert by Pure Ice. Pure Ice is our favorite cheap nail polish. It dries quickly and stays on forever! Our favorite more expensive line is OPI because, well what's not to love? Anyway, we didn't love the way Flirt Alert looked in the bottle, but really liked it once it was on A's nails.

While we were in Ulta the other day we picked up some Piggy Polish in three colors, Blink (neon pink), Mermaid (green), and Make Waves (blue). They were on sale and we thought the colors were pretty. As the name implies they are supposed to be just used on your toes (not sure why).....but Aven wanted to try them ALL and so we did.

The colors were vibrant, but the nail polish was watery and we had to put 3 coats on which was time consuming and lame. No more Piggy Polish for us!

I used Make Waves on my toenails and Taupe Drawer by Pure Ice on my fingernails.

We decided that Taupe Drawer is a beautiful fall color and we'll put it away until then.

Meanwhile.............. this is what the boys were doing for their night out.

Yep, fishing at Willard bay with Steve. And they caught the ugliest fish known to man...the catfish. Boy were they proud! :) And we have cute nails. The End.

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