Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's a SNARKY sort of day!

It is just one of those days. This hot weather is definintely not my favorite and the past week just added to my frustration. My happy place was on my porch looking at my beautiful flowers. Now, because of the heat and my lack of experience, my colorful flowers look like this.

To which I reply:

Couldn't have said it better myself!

And guess how many houseplants I actually have? None, because I can't keep those alive either. :)

As long as we are being honest, I really would rather do ANYTHING than clean the house. In the summertime this becomes even more true. So my nook (that should be my relaxing spot) looks like this.

To which I reply:

story of my life lately!

This goes for organizing also!

My exercise regime this week has been pretty simple, just walking with friends and yoga. :)

So true

It is actually sad how true this really is!

Last but not least, how do my kids have a never ending supply of energy and I have none? I have found the answer:


I believe this is totally true, however when I showed this to Aven and Zander they told me that just wasn't fair. And this was their reply:

Humm... point taken. :)

**These ecards that have been showing up all over the internet and I am so grateful for the hard core laughter they always provoke!**  Have you laughed today?

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